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Pyro Magic 36 Shot By Hallmark Fireworks

Fan shaped cake with lots of effects. Red, blue and white star, brocade crown with green strobe. Red and blue star, purple and green star with white strobe.   36 Shots 
£24.99 £34.99

Ruby Phoenix 500 Shot Cake By Hallmark Fireworks

A large 500 shot cake giving great entertainment. 500 Shots 
£69.99 £89.99

PARTYMANIA 10 Barrage Pack - By Cosmic Fireworks - SALE!

The ideal pack for any bonfire party, it’s packed with fun and excitement that’s never ending.
£89.99 £134.99

SONIC FORCE 130 Shot by Cosmic Fireworks - SALE!

A 130 shot cake ejecting bursts of coloured stars, palms, brocades and crackling stars.
£59.99 £89.99

Sky Hacker 85 Shots By Hallmark Fireworks

Blue and gold stars with fizzy palms, V's of silver palms and a crackling. A 'W' of rapid-fire green and gold before a sweeping of blue and gold - and just when you think it's...
£89.99 £119.99

Astral Raider 55 Shot By Cosmic Fireworks - SALE!

A 55 shot cake ejecting bursts of red, green and yellow stars with white glitter, golden brocades with blue stars, and silver chrysanthemum bursts with red, green or blue stars.
£49.99 £69.99

Phantom Terror 116 Shots By Hallmark Fireworks

Combination of straight and fan. Good duration and doesn't disappoint.  116 Shots
£79.99 £99.99

Rampaging Warlord 71 Shot By Cosmic Fireworks - ON SALE!

A brilliant piece of designing excellence as this barrage lights up the night sky with breathe taking effects and colour that will blow your mind, a must for any bonfire party.

Midnight Finale 104 Shot Compound Cake By Cosmic Fireworks - ON SALE!

This heavy weight firework, is TWO fireworks in ONE that offers a total of 104 shots. This is the biggest firework in the Cosmic range a guaranteed winner and will be the star attraction in...
£179.99 £209.99

Clone Wars 240 Shot Compound Cake By Cosmic Fireworks - ON SALE!

A 240 shot compound cake ejecting either lemon, pink, whistling, red or green tails which burst with either lemon, pink, or blue stars, multi coloured peonies, white or green glitter with time rain or red...

FLAMING PHOENIX 80 Shot By Cosmic Fireworks - ON SALE!

A 80 shot cake ejecting red and green tails which burst with silver palm effects with red, green and yellow peonies and silver strobe bursts with purple and red peonies.
£74.99 £99.99

HELL RAISER 2 - 5pc Barrage Pack - By Cosmic Fireworks - SALE!

134 shots in total ejecting coloured crackling stars, coloured time rain effects, glittering and brocade effects with coco and chrysanthemum bursts.  
£99.99 £149.99