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The Panther or Hercules Bag By Cube Fireworks - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

Over 398 shots in total with effects such as the 200 whistling and crackling missiles of the Screeching Claws, the noise of the Killmonger exploding, and the beauty of the Falcons Rise and White Tiger....
£199.99 £249.99

Bone Shaker 100 Shot By Cube Fireworks - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

100 shots of Red, Green, Blue & Yellow Coconuts with gold tails & crackles

Night Reaper 1.3g 160 Shot By Cube Fireworks - SALE!

Purple palm with Green strobe, Red wave, White Green strobe, Brocade crown, Ti Chrys, Silver Crackling, Red with Time rain, Silver Palm with Ti Chrys  
£79.99 £124.99

Goliath Compound Cake 296 Shot 1.3g By Cube Fireworks - SALE!

The Goliath compound firework is loaded with 3742g of powder providing amazing effects.The color variations in the compound are jaw-dropping. An extensive duration of firework display from the ignition. The compound firework will be a...
£269.99 £499.99

Raging Bull 1.3g 49 Shot By Cube Fireworks - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

Red Green wave with Ti Chrys,Red with Green strobe, Brocade crown,Blue with White strobe,Crackling

Dynamite Barrage Pack By Cube Fireworks - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

12 x 25 shot cokes. 4 effects 3 pieces of each 1. Red and green coconuts, red and blue pearls with white glitter and crackles  2. Beautiful blue pearls and silver white flying fish  3....

Demeter Compound Cake By Cube Fireworks - SALE!

Red Green Purple Silver Coco, Red White Gold blink, Purple Red Lemon Sky Blue Star, Gold Chrys, Gold Spider, Ti-gold coco, Blue mine, Brocade crown king, crackle
£119.99 £199.99

Gorilla 40 Shot 1.3g By Cube Fireworks - SALE!

Skyblue and Green Strobe, Green Silver Wave and Crackling, Blue peony, Green Wave Pistils with Red Strobe, Chrys
£49.99 £79.99

Stress Buster 47 Shot 1.3g By Cube Fireworks - SALE!

Pink light Purple Lemon Orange White Strobe, Silver Palm Sky Blue Gold Strobe, Deep Red Green Sky Blue Purple White Strobe, Gold Palm Green Stars Red Strobe, Brocade Crown, Multi-color Dahlia with Crackling  
£79.99 £139.99

Midnight Storm 19 Shot By Cube Fireworks - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

19 shot cake, 30mm tube. Silver spider burst with red , Blue and green tips

Mercenary 1.3G 118 Shot By Cube Fireworks - SALE!

Silver Palm Red stars,Red stars white strobe,Whistling, Purple star Green Strobe,Green stars time rain,Gold Willow green strobe with crackling
£49.99 £89.99
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