• Wedding Firework Displays

Wedding Firework Displays

Do you need fireworks for a wedding? Fireworks Direct have a great selection of fireworks that you can use for your event.

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What Fireworks Direct Do

We stock professional fireworks, wedding fireworks and display fireworks from all the leading brand and select only lines that we believe offer the right balance of performance and cost, of course safety is a pre-requisite that shall never be compromised. All enquiries and orders will be treated with appreciation and attention to detail. Customers should feel they have received a first class service and want to return again in the future.

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A Wide Selection

We stock a wide selection of fireworks to fit your wedding display needs. From barrages to fountains, we've got you covered.

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Optimal Delivery Option

We aim to deliver all orders promptly and efficiently, directly to your door.

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Comfort and Convenience

Ordering wedding fireworks online couldn't be easier, browse through our wide range of products and pick the fireworks that are right for you.

Planning a Wedding Firework Event? 

If you are organising a wedding firework display, you can get information on how to organise safe and successful firework displays by enquiring through our contact form

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