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Annual Gala 224 Shots Compound Cake By Hallmark Fireworks

Four fireworks together which have straight and fan shots, this firework offers great entertainment.  224 Shots
£129.99 £179.99

Gelato Forty Fire 258 Shots Compound Cake By Hallmark Fireworks

A variation of effects, also 3 fan combinations. 258 Shots
£149.99 £199.99

Concerto 50 Shot Cake by Hallmark Fireworks

A very fast firing cake with a burst f fantastic colours in the sky. No of Shots: 50Classification: 1.4G
£29.99 £39.99

Pyro Magic 36 Shot By Hallmark Fireworks

Fan shaped cake with lots of effects. Red, blue and white star, brocade crown with green strobe. Red and blue star, purple and green star with white strobe.   36 Shots 
£24.99 £34.99

Snake Eyes 25 Shot Cake By Hallmark Fireworks - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

A small firework which really fills the sky No of Shots: 25

Storm Chaser 16 Shot Cake by Hallmark Fireworks

A medley of gold, pinks, reds and blues.   No of Shots: 16
£9.99 £17.99

Knights Quest 36 Shot - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

Red & Green palm, White glitter, Brocadee crown, Red, green blue stars, Green palm & Gold Chrysanthemum.

Jewel Fever 36 shot Moulded Cake - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

Effects: Red tail to green peony with golden glittering and crackling, Green tail to red palm green star crackling, Red tail to red and blue peony with white glittering, White tail to blue and green...

Rubies & Pearls 25 shot Moulded Cake - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

Effects: Red tail to purple stars with golden glittering, Red tail to red stars with white glittering with crackling, Green tail to green star with white glittering crackling, Yellow tail to lemon with red glittering...

Devils Hound 56 Shots By Cosmic Fireworks

A 56 shot cake ejecting assorted tails which burst to red star with time rain, brocade effects with green glitter, golden willow effects with blue stars, purple dahlia stars with crackling, red dahlia stars with...
£49.99 £69.99

Sky Hacker 85 Shots By Hallmark Fireworks

Blue and gold stars with fizzy palms, V's of silver palms and a crackling. A 'W' of rapid-fire green and gold before a sweeping of blue and gold - and just when you think it's...
£89.99 £119.99

Phantom Terror 116 Shots By Hallmark Fireworks

Combination of straight and fan. Good duration and doesn't disappoint.  116 Shots
£79.99 £99.99