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Firework Display Packs

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PARTYMANIA 10 Barrage Pack - By Cosmic Fireworks - SALE!

The ideal pack for any bonfire party, it’s packed with fun and excitement that’s never ending.
£89.99 £134.99

Mutants Wrath 66 Shot By Cosmic Fireworks

A 66 shot cake ejecting an assorted coloured tails which burst golden coco effects with purple or green stars, red plum blossom effects with either red, green, purple or blue stars, silver flower willow effects...
£89.99 £109.99

Stealth Mission 96 Shot By Cosmic Fireworks

96 Shot Compound Cake Spectator Distance: 25 metres Duration (Approximately): 125 seconds Stealth Mission is an aerial barrage by Cosmic Fireworks. A truly mesmerising firework featuring a wide variety of aerial effects and colours. A...
£159.99 £210.00

HELL RAISER 2 - 5pc Barrage Pack - By Cosmic Fireworks - SALE!

134 shots in total ejecting coloured crackling stars, coloured time rain effects, glittering and brocade effects with coco and chrysanthemum bursts.  
£99.99 £149.99

BATTLE STAR 8pc Barrage Pack By Cosmic Fireworks - SALE!

This barrage pack contains 8 large cakes ejecting a total of 146 shots. It has a multitude of effects from palm to dahlia peony bursts, with the brightest of colours and noisiest effects.    
£119.99 £200.00