• New Year Fireworks

New Year Fireworks

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Astral Raider 55 Shot By Cosmic Fireworks - SALE!

A 55 shot cake ejecting bursts of red, green and yellow stars with white glitter, golden brocades with blue stars, and silver chrysanthemum bursts with red, green or blue stars.
£49.99 £69.99

The Panther or Hercules Bag By Cube Fireworks - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

Over 398 shots in total with effects such as the 200 whistling and crackling missiles of the Screeching Claws, the noise of the Killmonger exploding, and the beauty of the Falcons Rise and White Tiger....

Ground Shaker 254 Shot By Cosmic Fireworks

Rock your party with this 254 shot, 1.3G compound cake, filling the night sky with big and wonderous effects. A must for any party. The compound cake consists of three cakes with a 80 shot,...
£250.00 £320.00

Orange Smoke Flare By Hallmark Fireworks - Outdoor Daytime with Ring Pull Ignition


Detonation Barrage Pack By Cube Fireworks - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

6 x 19 shot cokes. 3 effects 2 pieces of each Effect 1 Red, blue, purple and green pearls with glitter and crackle Effect 2. Red, green and silver coconut bursts with red and green...

Demolition Barrage Pack By Cube Fireworks - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

9 x 20 shot cakes. 3 effects 3 pieces of each Effect 1 Lemon, blue, purple and green pearls with white glitter and chrysanthemums Effect 2. Red and green tails bursting into red and blue...

Armageddon II - 55 Shot by Cosmic Fireworks

Get the party started with this 55 shot, 1.3G thunderous cake as it ejects bursts of pure colour and noise.
£89.99 £114.99

Saturn Missiles 1000 Shot By Cosmic Fireworks

A 1000 shot missile cake which ejects a frenzy of coloured and crackling whistling missiles into the night sky in a mass of colour and noise.
£69.99 £89.99

PHANTOM MENACE By Cosmic Fireworks

A 68 shot fanned ejecting single and multi-shot effects with an assortment of coloured tails which burst with red and blue star with time rain, blue stars with silver chrysanthemum, orange crossettes with silver chrysanthemum,...
£115.00 £145.00

Thunder Dragon 107 Shot By Cosmic Fireworks

A 107 shot cake which unleashes its fury onto the night sky by igniting it with it’s new and exciting effects.
£135.00 £165.00

STAR COLLISION By Cosmic Fireworks

A large 19 pierce combination mine which erupts with assorted bouquets of coloured, crackling and glittering stars and top bursts of red, blue, golden and crackling stars with glittering effects.
£89.99 £115.00